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How to Spa

Before your treatment it is a good idea to shower before your time with us. Clean skin absorbs all the oils and ingredients much more efficiently insuring you receive the most benefits from your experience with us. If you are receiving a waxing service please exfoliate the desired area with a loofa.

Quiet zone – upon entering SC-Massage, please keep your tones at a lower level. Oftentimes, there will be treatments in session and it’s nice for everyone if voices are kept light. Also, please switch cell phones off.

Arrival – I want you to receive your entire treatment with some time to relax beforehand. Please allow yourself plenty of time to get to SC-Massage at least 5-10 minutes before your treatments. I regret that I will not be able to extend the time for late comers, often times the schedule is very precise. You will still be charged for your time scheduled.

Privacy and modesty – your privacy is very important to me. You will be in your own treatment room. Even though it is traditionally appropriate to completely disrobe for treatments, if you are uncomfortable, you are welcome to wear underwear. Regardless of what you decide, I am very considerate of you and have the ability to properly drape each part of the body being worked on at the time.

Children (up to 12 years old) – I love children and welcome them as long as they have a treatment scheduled and are accompanied by an adult. Massage is extremely beneficial for youngsters.

Gratuity – it is customary to show gratitude for the services received, especially if you feel your therapist has proven to be extraordinary. It is my goal that I reach beyond your expectations throughout your experience.